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SUPERCLEANAIR certification, initiated by APIECTA with the direction of German Medical Standards Clean Technology Co., Ltd., is an environmental safety certification of air cleanliness in business places. The certification is based on the requirement of medical grade, and it puts forward more stringent requirements for the indoor environmental quality. The limitation of the indoor air harmful factors is stricter than the existing environmentalstandards in the Asia Pacific countries. SUPERCLEANAIR certification together with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and GREENGUARD certification constitute the system of environmental safety certification in the Asia Pacific region.


As each SUPERCLEANAIR certification issued by the APIECTA has international credibility, it is a guarantee of confidence in the property value of the business, the value of financing, and the quality of the property.


SUPERCLEANAIR air quality standards

Air index SuperCleanair
formaldehyde 0.05mg/m³
benzene 0.08mg/m³
methylbenzene 0.10mg/m³
benzopyrene 0.50mg/m³
TVOC 0.40mg/m³
ammonia 0.10mg/m³
nitrogen dioxide 0.20mg/m³
sulfur dioxide 0.30mg/m³
total numbers of colony 800CFU/m³
PM10 120ug/m³
PM2.5 35ug/m³
radon 200Bq/m³

How to obtain certification?
The applicant and the venue owner submit application for certification to APIECTA local representative offices or agents, and the certification will be completed in 30 working days if the submitted materials are complete and are in line with the requirements. If the application is rejected, all the materials will be returned in thirty days with suggestions for improvement.

Period of validity
The period of validity for each certification lasts one year. The certification needs to be updated each year. For each update, the air quality of the target place will be test again to ensure validity.